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May Reading Roundup

Hi hello, and welcome to beach read season! I have already spent multiple afternoons reading by a body of water, and life could not be better.

Here's what I read in May!

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers | Fiction, 4/5

This book is so charming. There are few things I enjoy more than solving my morning puzzles, and this book captures that feeling. It is a beautifully unique found family story, perfect if you liked “Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting.”

They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us | Non-Fiction, Essays, 5/5

Do you want to cry while reading about Fall Out Boy, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Chance the Rapper? Then read this book.

The Ministry of Time | Fiction, 4/5

This book is a wild ride. It is charming and clever and I’m honestly not sure what genre it falls into. But it’s a great escapism read if you’re not serious about the science of time travel.

I Curse You With Joy | Memoir, Essays, 3/5

I enjoyed the second half of this book, but the first half was slightly too crude for me (and I’m not normally a sensitive reader).

Woke Up No Light | Poetry, 4/5

This is a beautiful and powerful collection about growing up. Motley has such a beautiful way with words.

Thank you to Knopf for my copy.

Table For Two | Short Stories, 5/5

Towles is a master storyteller. I absolutely loved this collection of stories. Though they are quite long, if you are looking for a short story collection, I highly recommend this one. They are clever and smart. I both listened and read this one, and I loved it in both formats.

Honey | Fiction, 4/5

This is a great binge-worthy book. If you’re looking for some 90s nostalgia, I would pick this one up. I’m an avid reader of celebrity memoirs, and this did feel like a fictionalized mix of Jessica Simpson’s OPEN BOOK and Jennette McCurdy’s I’M GLAD MY MOM DIED.

Thank you to Celadon for my ARC.

Loyally, Luke | Fiction, 3/5

I found this book to be a little too long and a little too much of a cliché for me. The side characters in a romcom are really important to me, and this book had too many to keep track of and EVERYTHING revolved around the couple. (The one that stands out to me is Ellie texting with her best friend and comparing the guy she likes moving away to her friend’s mother dying…)

Thank you to for my ALC.

Save What's Left | Fiction, 3/5

Midway through this book the narrator says you probably don’t care about this story, and honestly by that point, she was correct. The first part of this book was funny and hard to put down. But the story drug on and felt whiny. This would have been a stronger short story or epistolary novel.

Thank you to Vintage Books for my copy.

Real Americans | Fiction, 5/5

This book weaves together so many complex themes so beautifully. I loved the way it navigates three generations of family drama (and trauma). The characters' emotions really lept off the page. I didn't know it was told from multiple POVs going in, and I found that structure to make the narrative even more powerful. My heart wanted more–I didn't want this book to end.

Humble Pi | Non-Fiction, 4/5

This book was a delight. I think I would have paid more attention in math class if it was half as interesting as this book. Who knew math could be funny!?

Thank you to Riverhead for my copy!

Wedding Issues | Fiction, 3/5

As someone who has been in a lot of weddings, I was drawn to the premise of this book. It is a great lighthearted beach read. I listened to the audio in one day.

Thank you to for my ALC.


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