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Cynthia Starts a Band

Eleanor Quinn was America’s sweetheart.

The lead singer in a wildly successful band and dating the most beautiful man in America, she lives a life most could only dream of. Then on the night of her engagement, she vanishes, leaving the world to wonder where and why she has gone. Eleanor sets out
on a journey to regain agency of her life, to be something other than “Eleanor Quinn”. She moves to Seattle determined to find herself again. Riddled with self-doubt, she realizes the only way she can ever be free is to share her side of the story. Although starting over is not as simple as she imagined as the ghosts from her past force their way to her. Cynthia Starts a Band tells the story of starting over and discovering who one is when the world isn’t looking.

It all started with a lockdown...

The year was 2020, the world was on lockdown, and I found myself alone in my apartment in France. Both of my roommates were stuck in America and so I spent 3 months living alone. During that time I learned that my house makes a TON of noises in the night. I learned that I am the roommate who never does dishes. And I wrote a book. 

Someone told me, as we entered into lockdown and my soul was grieving, that at the end of every loss there is a moment of creativity, don't miss it. So I wrote 1,000 words every day. Most of them were not beautiful, but 65,000 of them pieced together to become the story of Eleanor Quinn.

Like Eleanor, I hope this book inspires you to have courage, and find out who you are when the world isn't looking. I hope this book gives you the courage to start a band.

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