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A Book for Every Beach

Summer feels like it is here, and to celebrate, I have already started beach reading. So whether you are looking for an armchair beach read or a read to match your beach, here are my pairings for some of the US's most famous beaches!

Palm Beach, Florida

As the name suggests, this book takes place in Palm Beach, following a family who has just moved from NYC. This book is a unique perspective on rich people problems. If you find yourself in Palm Beach looking at the enormous homes, you are surrounded by wondering who lives there; this book is for you!

St. Petersburg, Florida

This book is excellent for any Florida vacation. It is a collection of short stories that give a complete picture of what life in Florida is like. But, more than anything, this is a book about people and the moments that makes us feel alive. I love a short story collection on the beach; it is easy to pick up and put down.

Myrtle Beach

This book does not take place on a beach, but it is too beautiful not to include. This is one of the most heartbreakingly perfect coming-of-age stories I've read. If you have not read this book yet, it is a must-read. (It will also give you an appreciation of the bees that buzz by while you are tanning.)

Santa Monica, California

Few books feel like summer as much as this book does. It follows the Riva siblings on the night of their annual end-of-summer party. There is drama, secrets, a great restaurant, surfing, celebrities, and a house fire. This book has it all.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

This book is perfect for those who would like to know the beach's history where they are vacationing. Following the history of Hawaii and its journey to statehood, this book brings history to life. It is chalked full of fun facts, enraging historical occurrences, and a journey around the world. It is great on audio.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This is another book that just feels like summer. This book follows a woman who is forced to make a seemingly impossible choice. It is a heartbreaking family saga and almost impossible to put down.

Laguna Beach, California

This book takes place in California, England, and an island in the Caribbean. It is a beautiful look at grief, family, and the things that make us who we are. I loved this book and would recommend it no matter which beach you find yourself at this summer.

Huntington Beach, California

Though his book technically takes place in Palm Springs, where there is not technically a beach, it is another perfect summer book. I love how this book weaves together humor with heavy themes of grief and loss. As someone who lost her mother as a child, I think this book does a great job capturing that type of loss.

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