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August Reading Round Up

What can I say other than August slipped away into a moment in time?

I almost devoured this book in one sitting. It is a perfectly balanced rom-com with great characters and a wonderful sense of place. Perfect if you love bookstore backdrops and have always wished you were part of a trivia team!

This book is really unlike anything I have read before. It took me about a third of the book to get into it, but the last two-thirds were hard to put down. If you liked the themes and writing style of The Mercies, I think you would enjoy this book!

Thanks to Celadon Books for my copy!

This book reads like mini podcast episodes, and I loved listening to it on audio. I loved hearing Green’s perspective on things I had never thought twice about. Though I have never loved his fiction, I really recommend this book. (Especially if you are a fan of podcasts like No Such Thing As A Fish or Sarah Vowell’s writing.)

The best word to describe this book is fun. The characters are people you want to have a glass of wine with. This is a great book if you are looking for something lighthearted and will remind you of your favorite 2000s rom-com. A perfect read for an end-of-summer beach trip!

I loved this book on audio. It felt like part true crime podcast, part audiobook. It had a great cast of narrators that made the characters more lovable. I don’t think I would classify this book as a thriller, but it was hard to put down. The main character was a little antsy for me, but overall, this is a fun read.

Honestly, I’m glad her mom died too. This book holds nothing back as Jennette recounts her relationship with her mother. The writing is heartbreaking and humorous at the same time. The world needs more people like Jennette — people who acknowledge the multifacetedness of grief.

This book feels like a cup of tea with your closest friend. It was quiet, powerful, and thought-provoking. Lore’s chapters are filled with grace and wisdom. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has found themselves asking life’s hard questions. This is a book that, as soon as I finished, I realized I needed to read it again.

Lucky 3/5

This book is a quick and entertaining read. I really love heist stories, and this one was original. I had a hard time with the dialogue, as, at times, it felt pretty cheesy. The ending also felt rushed.

I found this to be a very powerful collection of essays. Some resonated with me more than others, but I found the writing to be extremely moving. If you are trying to decide if this book is for you, I would read the titular essay, The Crane Wife, originally published in The Paris Review.

Overall cute and a fun twist on the Hallmark movie trope. I did find some of the dialogue a little cheesy, and a few of the plot elements rushed. Overall a fun beach read.

Though I enjoyed parts of this book, I found it to be way too detailed about plot points that didn’t really matter. Some of the details were much too graphic for me.


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