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Fall Drink Book Pairings

It seems like the long-awaited release of fall drinks arrives early and early each year (looking at you, PSL...). In honor of the first day of fall, here are books to pair with whatever you're sipping on!

If you have been counting down until Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available, read Beautiful World, Where Are You?

[Almost] everyone's favorite drink pairs perfectly with [almost] everyone's favorite author. (Alternate caption – two items most likely to cause a debate...because let's be honest, you either love PSL and Sally Rooney or you don't.)

If your fall bucket list includes a trip to an orchard for Apple Cider, pick up Apples Never Fall

Freshly pressed and ready for the fall. There are few things as quintessential as a family trip to the apple orchard, which pairs perfectly with this family saga.

If you prefer the classic Hot Chocolate, curl up with The Night Circus

You can't go wrong with either of these classics. Both are magical in all the best ways. Though one has slightly higher stakes.

If your fall days end with a Moscow Mule, pair it with The Secret History

Dark and twisty, both often are loved by hipster twenty-somethings.

If you dream of Butter Beer, read The Cartographers

(or reread HP, because what else is better for fall reading?)

If you would rather drink Black Coffee all year round, read Marrying the Ketchups

What better setting than a diner for anyone who loves classic black coffee?

If you honestly just want it to be Christmas so you can drink Mulled Wine, travel to Europe with Rebecca

This classic of all classic gothic novels will have you dreaming of Christmas markets and European estates. (and the ghosts of houses past...)


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