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Gift-able Books for Everyone

If you are like me, you might also find yourself frantically buying last-minute gifts. Luckily there is nothing like gifting the magic of a new book! Read and enjoy and then borrow for yourself! :)

For the person who loves to cook:

For your best friend:

For all the women in your life:

For the person who needs some hope this year:

For the person who wants to read the book before seeing the movie:

For the person house hunting:

For the person who wants a feel-good story:

For the social butterfly:

For the letter lover:

For the person trying to make the most of the winter:

For the music lover:

For the person who needs a laugh:

For the lover of graphs:

This post contains Bookshop affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase using these links (plus, you support independent bookstores).


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