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July Reading Roundup

Okay, so it is admittingly mid-August, but July feels like it was just yesterday? Or maybe I am just in denial about how late in the year we are. Here's what I read in July!

Happy Reading!

Cassandra in Reverse – Fiction | 3.5/5

I really enjoyed the plot and characters in the book, but towards the middle, I found it to be a little repetitive. I thought Cassandra was an easy protagonist to root for, and I loved seeing the world through her eyes. I struggled with the Greek mythology references, and it took me a while to understand the time-travelling bit.

The Ferryman – Science-Fiction | 4/5

I am honestly not sure what to say about this book. The plot was nothing like I thought it would be (in the best possible way), though I wish that the first half had been edited down as the book felt very long. I enjoyed it on audio, but I think I would have liked it more on paper as the male narrator made all of the dialogue sound like a question which changed the tone for me. If you are a fan of Blake Crouch, I think you would like this one. Thank you to for my ALC. Recursion – Science-Fiction | 5/5

I could have read this book in one sitting. I never thought I would read Science-Fiction until I read Blake Crouch. This book is immersive and cinematic. I can't recommend it enough.

Hello Stranger – Fiction | 2.5/5

Though I enjoyed what this book was trying to accomplish, I had a hard time with it. I found the main character to be really immature and really hated the evil stepsister trope. I did find the information on facial blindness interesting as well as the author’s note at the end.

This book is a beautiful reflection on the power of art and grief. I wish that there had been more details, both on his time at the MET and his life.

The Rachel Incident – Fiction | 5/5

I loved this book. Part coming-of-age, part university scandal, I couldn’t put this book down. Though the book does circle around the “Rachel Incident”, this is really a beautiful book about friendship and growing up.

Monster's: A Fan's Dilemma – Non-Fiction | 4/5

“We think they didn’t know, but we believe that we would have done better.”

I loved this book. I found it to be extremely thought-provoking as I’ve struggled with the various “monster” artists. I loved the audiobook but wished I had read it in paper so I could have underlined passages.

The Art Thief – Non-Fiction | 5/5

I love a book about an art heist! This is such a wonderful account of Breitwieser’s many, many heists. It is really well-reported and written. Great if you love true crime but don’t love murders.

Super Bloom – Fiction | 3/5

I really liked the concept of this book, but the main character, Joan, was a miss for me. I normally don’t mind a grumpy main character, but this was a little over the top. I enjoyed the pieces about her grief, and this book has great side characters. I thought the audiobook narration was really well done.

Thank you to for my ALC.

The House Is on Fire – Historical Fiction | 3/5

I was really intrigued by the premise of this book, but I found it to be really slow. I also think this book would have been handled better if it had been written (or at least co-written) by an own voices author, as the two perspectives written from slaves’ POV sat poorly with me.

Social Engagement – Fiction | 3/5

I flew through this book. I really enjoyed this book’s cast of characters (though none of them are very loveable). This is a great dark saga. I wish that the author would have dug deeper into a few of the book’s themes instead of covering so many topics. This book would pair well with THE MUTUAL FRIEND. Thank you to for my ALC.

Same Time Next Summer – Fiction | 5/5

I loved Nora Goes Off Script and was counting down the moments until I could get my hand on this book. This might be my rom-com of the summer. I loved the way the story was structured, and it is a perfect mix of lighthearted beach-read and loveable side characters. This is the perfect book to throw in your beach bag.


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