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June Reading Roundup

We are officially a month into Summer Reading Season! Happy reading, friends!

This book is about Ruthy, but it’s really about her family. Nothing really happens, but at the same time, this book is such an intimate look at their lives. I do wish that this book would have developed the characters more. Not a lot happens in this book in terms of plot, but it is a really unique story.

This Is How You Lose the Time War – Science Fiction | 4/5

I’m honestly not sure what to say about this book other than it is so weird and unique, and I think it is best to go into knowing nothing about it. I do wish there had been more world-building.

Hello Beautiful – Fiction | 3/5

I am well aware that I am an outlier in my review. I found the writing in this book to be beautiful and compelling, but I had a hard time connecting with the characters. I think I would have enjoyed this book if it hadn’t been a Little Women retelling and if I had read it in the winter.

This Bird Has Flown – Fiction | 2/5

I was so excited to read this book but wound up barely finishing it. I found the dialogue to be dated and cringy. The main character was really poorly written and seemed to do whatever her love interest wanted her to (including moving in with him after one date???) I think that this was a gothic retelling (Rebecca and Jane Eyre references throughout), but I wish it would have been a better reflection of women today. I loved the bits about music, as those felt authentic to Hoffs.

Range – Non-Fiction | 5/5

This book is really thought-provoking and goes against most of how we are educated//coached to make choices. I think it would pair well with Adam Grant’s Think Again.

The Wishing Game – Fiction | 4/5

I really enjoyed this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque book. The plot was fun and I really enjoyed the characters. I do wish that this book was written as upper YA, but I still really enjoyed it.

Friends Like These – Fiction | 3/5

This book started off really strong, but about a third of the way through, I hit a lull. I found the plot really interesting, but it was trying to do too much. I wish that this book would have dove more into the backstories of the characters. I found them hard to connect with.

Thank you to for my ALC!

I was interested in the book's topic but found that what was covered missed the mark. This book reads like a grandfather explaining social media influencers. I found it to be dull and dated. I also found it ironic that the former editor of People, arguably one of the major influencers on the obsession with celebrity culture, seemed so against it.

Thank you to for my ALC.

If We're Being Honest – Fiction | 5/5

I loved this dysfunctional family story. There is a huge cast of characters and it took me a minute to figure out who was who, but I loved the way they were introduced at the start of the book. I do wish the chapters had been shorter.

If you like Emma Straub or Pineapple Street, I think you will love this book.

Thank you to Celadon books for my copy!

The Whispers – Fiction | 4.5/5

I could not put this book down. This domestic thriller explains the lives of four neighbor couples. This book is great if you are looking for a dark family drama. I found each character compelling and beautiful, though they are not all lovable. This book broke my heart and the ending was stunning.

TW: miscarriage


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