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Nonfiction November Books For Every Reader

Happy nonfiction November! (Is anyone unsure how November become the month with all the monikers?) Happy reading!

If you love history, but you want a fresh perspective: You Never Forget Your First

If you love talking inside baseball: Moneyball

If you are longing for rest: Garden City

If you want some revisionist history: David and Goliath

If you have always dreamed about living in the English countryside: The Shepherd’s Life

If you are an introvert (or know an introvert...aka this book is for everyone): Quiet

If you want an adventure: Into Thin Air

If you want to learn about the American criminal justice system: Just Mercy

If you want to be well: What Happened to You?

If you want a sassy and heartfelt take on a memoir: Nobody Will Tell You This But Me

If you love pop culture and true crime: Catch and Kill

If you love food: Eat a Peach

If you love celebrity memoirs (or, if you own a set of bongos): Greenlights

This post contains Bookshop affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase using these links (plus, you support independent bookstores).


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