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October Reading Roundup

It's officially cancel your plans and curl up with tea and a book weather! Here are the books I read in October.

(P.S. While you're here, my second book, Break the Glass, is coming out on December 5th! Preorders significantly help the overall success of a book launch, and it would mean the world to me if you preordered it! I hear it makes a great Christmas gift!)

This book combined two of my favorite non-fiction genres: memoir and food writing. I loved hearing Chin’s stories from the restaurant and learning about his family. The book's tone felt too YA at points and had some funky pacing, but otherwise, I enjoyed this read.

Thank you to for my ALC.

The Long Game | Fiction, 2/5

As a lover of all sports-related books sports related, I was really excited to read this book. To me, the characters felt immature and inconsistent, which tainted my reading experience. Not the book for me.

Comfort Me With Apples | Dystopian Fiction, 4/5

I flew through this brilliant, twisted book. I am so impressed at the character development and storytelling in such a short book. I really enjoyed it on audio.

This was such a perfect fall book! I wanted something spooky without being scary, and this book was just that. I absolutely loved Mrs Wood. I will remember her character for a long time. It is lighthearted but without skimping on character development.

Thank you to Harper for my copy.

The Only One Left | Thriller, 5/5

I love Riley Sager. I almost read this book in one sitting. I loved the gothic setting, the ominous house, and the cast of characters. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fall thriller!

I found this book to be insightful and filled with helpful antidotes about the power and need for listening. This is a great book to apply to your personal and working relationships. Really enjoyed reading it on audio.

The Good Ones | Thriller, 3/5

I went into this book thinking it was a thriller when,, in reality, it is much more of a coming-of-age novel. I didn’t find the mystery that compelling, and I guessed the twist early on, but I liked the sense of place this novel had. I wish there would have been fewer characters and more depth.

Thank you to Harper for my copy!

Wine People | Fiction, 3/5

What made this book for me was the food writing. It was impossible to read this book and not want to drink a glass of wine and go out to eat. I struggled with the book's structure, as I felt it made it feel too long, and because the timeline was so spread out, some character development was lacking.

Thank you to for my copy!

Georgie, All Along | Fiction, 4/5

This is a really fun, lighthearted rom-com. At points, the characters felt a little over the top, but overall, I enjoyed it!

I really loved this book on friendship. The older I get, the harder it feels to make friends, and I appreciated this book's take on it!

Thank you to for my ALC.


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