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Perfect Wintery Reads

This winter Grenoble has felt extra chilly, and there is nothing better than curling up with a good book to avoid venturing outside. Here are some of my favorite wintery books! :)

I read this book last winter, and I have thought about it so many times since. Pick this book up if you need some help embracing the winter season. It is quiet and profound. I highly recommend it!

This book is not set in winter, but few things scream dark stormy night like one of the most prolific suspense novels of all time. The writing is stunning, and it is so evident in reading this book the influence du Maurier has had on the genre.

I know that technically the holiday season is behind us, but if you are still in the mood to read a holiday-themed book, this is a lovely rom-com. Light and easy to read, this book is charming and funny without the cheesiness of a Hallmark movie (although I love a Hallmark movie more than the next guy).

Snowed in on a weekend getaway? This book has all the thriller tropes and is impossible to put down.

Back-to-back holidays gone wrong thrillers, but this book was incredible. I could have read this book in one sitting.

This book contains all of the magical elements that winter carries for me. I did not want this book to end. This book is dazzling and a wonderful escape.

I originally read the British version of Little Women, which only includes the book’s first half. Honestly, I am sad I read the second half. This classic has characters you will fall in love with and is the perfect read for a cold winter night. (But again, the second half is heartbreak, be warned).

This YA retelling will take you traveling through Scandinavia (and is an excellent reminder that I am thankful for modern heaters). If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, this is a must-read!

This post contains Bookshop affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you make a purchase using these links (plus, you support independent bookstores).


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