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February Reading Roundup

Happy March, friends! I am sitting in my living room with the porch door open, and it is GLORIOUS!

February was filled with a good mix of frontlist and backlist titles as I worked towards my goal of chipping away at the stack of books I already own.

Here are the books I read in February!

Come and Get It | Fiction, 4.5/5

I really enjoyed "Such A Fun Age," but I think I loved this one even more. The writing is smart and funny. It made me both miss university and be thankful that it’s over. It's great if you love character-driven novels with unlikable characters. I also got to head Kiley Reid talk about this book at Politics and Prose, which deeply added to my reading experience.

Thank you to for my ALC.

The Other Half | Fiction, 3/5

I was intrigued by the setup and premise of this book and found the first half really gripping (I ❤️ rich people problems). The middle chunk felt like it drugged on a bit, and it wasn’t until the last 50 pages or so that I found myself invested again. While I really love a good thriller, police procedurals are not really for me.

Driving the Green Book | Non-Fiction, 4/5

I, like many, had not heard of the Green Book until the 2018 movie. I found this look at Black history to be extremely informative and educational as a white reader. I highly recommend it.

Us Against You | Fiction, 5/5

I normally have mixed thoughts on sequels but this one might have been perfect. The writing is lyrical and heartbreaking. There is no one I trust more to look at the interior messy lives of people than Fredrik Backman.

Yellowface | Fiction, 4/5

This book is geniusly meta. As much as I found the main character insufferable, I could not stop reading it. The cultural commentary in this book is so well done. And I loved the insider baseball look at publishing.

I really enjoyed this book on audio.

Ready or Not | Rom-Com, 5/5

I adored this book. It is everything I love about a romcom. It was funny, the characters had depth, and the story was filled with hope. Reading this book feels like stepping into the golden age of cinema (aka 2004). I loved this book!!

So Fetch | Non-Fiction, 4/5

As someone who quotes Mean Girls at least once a week, I thought this book was so grool. Perfect if you love a behind-the-scenes look at the filmmaking process. I enjoyed learning about all of the many quotable side-characters who make this movie the gem that it is.

XOXO, Cody | Memoir, 3.5/5

I am a lover of memoirs but often have a hard time reviewing and rating them. This book is really fun to listen to on audio, and I loved the humor and the lighthearted way Cody talked about difficult experiences.

The Resort | Thriller, 3/5

This book didn’t pull me in as quickly as I had hoped, but the last 100 pages I could not put down!! This was a fun setting for a thriller, but I wish the setting would have felt more immersive.

This book is not for you if you need all of your characters to be likable.

The Disappearance of Astrid Bricard | Historical Fiction, 3.5/5

I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, but I found the plot of this one to be fascinating. I wish this book would have focused on one woman instead of a family story. I often got lost or held up trying to remember who the different side characters were. This book is beautifully written, and if you are looking for a unique Historical Fiction book, I would recommend this one.


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