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Books to Read Instead of James Patterson

...because well, IYKYK.

Late one night in Mojave, California, Driss Guerraoui--father, husband, business owner, Moroccan immigrant--is hit and killed by a speeding car. In the aftermath of his death, a unique cast of characters assembles. This thrilling family saga and murder mystery will stay with you for years to come.

Museums worldwide have been displaying their war spoils, many of which were looted from China. So Will Chen decides that he will be the one to take them back. In an Ocean's Eleven style adventure, this book follows Chen and his friends across the globe, trying to take back what was stolen.

Ray received the gift of a lifetime when his grandmother gifted her the family fiddle. This beat-up fiddle is a Stradivarius; in the blink of an eye, they take the world by storm. That is until the violin is stolen. Ray not only feels like he's lost a piece of himself but feels the dream of being crowned the world's best violinist slipping away. As the Olympics of Classical Violinist approaches, Ray is willing to do anything possible to pay the 5 million dollar ransom and be reunited with his previous fiddle.

Nella, a publishing assistant, has faced a lot of adversity during her young career. She thought everything would change when her publishing house hired another black girl. And seemingly it does, that is until a note appears on Nella's desk telling her to quit. Now. This book will keep you on your toes and could not be more timely.

When Amanda and Clay went to Long Island for their family vacation, they were expecting a relaxing trip as a family. But then, there is a knock on the door in the middle of the night. This book examines two families thrown together during one weekend that has gone terribly wrong.

This book follows two boys unjustly sentenced to a reform school in Jim Crow-era Flordia. This book is incredibly moving, and the characters will stay with you for years to come. Whitehead is the next great American novelist.

Five assassins on one train, and only one will make it to the final stop...this thriller will keep you turning pages and guessing what will happen next. Compulsively readable and will make you (maybe) want to take a Japanese bullet train.

What do you do when you're not the protagonist of your own life? Enter Willis Wu, Generic Asian Man. Wu has spent his life dreaming of being one thing, Kung Fu Guy. This book is moving, laugh-out-loud funny, and honestly unlike any book you'll ever read.


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