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March Reading Roundup

It might be mid-April, but I am mentally still in March...

Here are the books I read in March, happy reading, friends!

Chain-Gang All-Stars | Distopian Fiction, 4.5/5

Woof, this book is not for the faint of heart. I had to read it in small stops and bursts, and I often found the topic to be so heavy and heartbreaking. But that being said, it is worth the read. I will be thinking about this book for a long time. This was not an "enjoyable" read, but it is an important one.

So many TW, but it does contain graphic violence (this was the bit that got me, I'm not normally a sensitive reader).

Thank you to for my ALC–I really enjoyed the audiobook experience.

The Con Queen of Hollywood | Nonfiction, 2/5

I was so intrigued by the premise of this book, but the structure fell flat for me. I wish that it would have either been edited down, or expanded on, as the level of detail given didn’t feel right. The story is not told linearly, and I constantly found myself getting lost. That being said, it was an interesting glimpse at a con artist.

Thank you to Harper for my copy.

Family Family | Fiction, 5/5

I loved this book. I love family sagas, and this one felt so unique and special. I loved the tender way Frankel told the story of family, and reminded readers that no matter how your family was formed they can be messy and beautiful.

For the Love of Men | Nonfiction, 4/5

I loved this book. It is research-filled and academic while being extremely readable. It was such a beautifully challenging read that I will be thinking about it for a long time. I loved the reminder throughout that we cannot educate young girls on feminism without paying attention to the boys. Read this book.

Yours Truly | Fiction, 3/5

While the writing in this book is beautiful and the story is cute, I had such a hard time with the main characters. They felt too perfect. This book also falls into the bucket of “stories that could have been resolved had the characters had one honest conversation.”

Overall, it was cute, but not for me.

Grief Is for People | Nonfiction, 5/5

This book is as beautiful as it is heart-wrenching. Crosley’s writing is witty and thought-provoking. As someone who reads a lot of books on grief, I loved this one. Within a month, Crosley’s apartment is robbed, and one of her closest friends commits suicide. I found the way this book was written to be such an honest reflection on the grieving process.

The Celebrants | Fiction, 4.5/5

Am I sitting on my couch crying after finishing this book? Yes, yes, I am. This book is beautiful. Read it.

Anita de Monte Laughs Last | Fiction, 4/5

The writing in this book is beautiful. I found the middle bit to be a bit slow, and I had trouble keeping track of the side characters. But I loved the structure of this book and found the story to be really compelling.

Mostly What God Does | Christian Nonfiction, 5/5

This book feels like a mini spiritual retreat. I am a long-time fan of Guthrie, and I was so excited when I saw this book was releasing. It was a perfect read for Lent. It was contemplative and left space for personal reflection. I especially enjoyed it on audio.

Listen for the Lie | Thriller, 4/5

This book is everything I want in a binge-able thriller. I’ve read a few thrillers inspired by the world of true crime podcasts, and this one might be my new favorite. I could not put this book down.

Happily Never After | Fiction, 2/5

I really enjoyed the premise of this book, but I think my reading experience would have been better on the page instead of audio. It also contains one of my least favorite tropes: “People who have sworn off love find love and are healed.”

Overall, it was cute, but not for me.

Thank you to for my alc.


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