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January Reading Roundup

New year, new books! January is one of my favorite reading months. There is something about curling up with a book while the world is blanketed (or at least cold enough that it should be blanketed...) in snow.

Here's what I read in January!

Mother, Nature | Memoir, 5/5

I absolutely loved this mother-son memoir. Though my experiences differ from Jedidiah's, I really related to growing up in an evangelical home and maintaining a relationship with my parent, even if some of my views have shifted. I long for more books like this one, that highlight that we can love people who believe differently than us.

I especially enjoyed listening to the audiobook.

The Fury | Thriller, 5/5

I devoured this book. I absolutely loved the narration style of this book and found it to be unique and compelling. I did guess a piece of the twist midway through, but that did not make this book any less enjoyable.

If you love the murder on an island trope (hi, Agatha!), I think you will love this take on it.

Thank you to Celadon for my ARC.

Big Swiss | Fiction, 3/5

This book basically contains every trigger warning imaginable.

I really enjoyed the first half of this book but then I felt like it drug on. I did find it very witty and cheeky! I just wish the pacing had been tighter.

Thank you to for my copy.

I really loved this book. I found the structure to be really unique and beautiful. The ending felt somewhat abrupt, and I would have loved more time with these characters! A beautiful story of an unconventional family and mental illness.

This is a twisty fast-paced thriller. Though I loved the plot and didn’t see the twist coming, I found some of the dialogue to be really cheesy. The twist is also rather outlandish, so if you want a physiological thriller grounded in reality, this isn’t it.

I think it would pair well with Rebecca.

Everyone But Myself | Memoir, 4/5

I really enjoyed this memoir. It felt a little like Bomb Shelter meets It Was a Ugly Couch Anyway. If you’re looking for a shorter memoir dealing with relatable issues, I would recommend this one!

Thank you to for my ALC.

Risky Faith | Christian Non-Fiction, 5/5

This was such a great book to start the new year with!

I loved how approachable and applicable its lessons are. I will continue to think about and carry many pieces of this book with me.

I laughed, I cried, I reflected. I adored this set of essays.

First Lie Wins | Thriller, 3/5

I was really excited to read this book after seeing it seemingly everywhere. I might be an outlier for this one. Though I found the premise of this thriller to be really interesting, I found the story to be overly drawn out and convoluted.

Firstly, it was so much fun to read a book set so close to where I grew up! This book is precious, and I loved the cast of characters. Perfect for fans of The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, or Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting. I do think this book would be better on the page than audio.

Thank you to for my ALC.

The Good Part | Fiction, 4/5

This might be my favorite Sophie Cousens's book. This book felt like a 13 Going on 30 retelling in all the best ways. Though this book feels like a beach read, I appreciated the deeper themes and topics that this book explored.

The Three of Us | Fiction, 3/5

I loved that this book takes place over the course of one evening. I would say this book is not for you if you want lovable characters or a tidy story. I found the characters to be interesting, but I wish there had been more depth.


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