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June Reading Roundup

Summer reading is offically in full swing! Which for me means light, happy reads! Happy reading!

This book is really fun. I love an art heist story, and the history nerd in me appreciated the literary take of this one. The characters are not just entertaining but people I would want to be friends with. Moreover, I believe the questions and conversations posed by this book are so important. I recommend picking this one up.

Absolutely stunning. If you are only able to read one book that is set in it’spandemic, make it this one.

This book deserves all the praise it’s already received and more. It is potent and timely. Smith writes with powerfully poetic prose, leaving space for continu“d reflect”on and conversation. In some aspects, this book feels like a nonfiction pairing with “Homegoing.” I highly recommend this book.

Hamnet – 3/5

I really was excited to read this book, but honestly, it fell flat. The first part was extremely gripping, but by the book's second half, it seemed to drag on.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I wish that it would not have been written in the first person. On the other hand, I think the narration was what made this book hard for me. I enjoyed the story and most of the characters but overall felt ambivalent about it.

Though this book is enjoyable, it did too much telling instead of “howing. T”ere was a fun cast of characters, but I wish there would have been more focus on the “sidekicks” or narrowed the focus to just a few people in the town. At times it felt like there were too many names and not enough detail.

This was such a fun take on a con artist book. The first third of the book was a little slow, but it was impossible to put down once I got into it. I absolutely loved the ending!!

This book is fun and snarky in all the perfect ways. I really enjoy retellings and found this one to be creative. I wish it would have been a tad tighter, but overall a fun young adult read!

This book is fun and charming and overall just lovely. This might be my rom-com of the summer. I loved Nora and her tea house. She was funny and oh so relatable. And though this is a love story, it is really a story about finding yourself in the middle of change and difficulty. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

This book is pure magic; I loved it! It felt similar to “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” but with a better cast of characters. I did not care about maps before reading this book, but I will think of this book every time I use one now. Great if you want your magical realism heavier on the realism and lighter on the magic.

Fly Girl – 3.5/5

As someone who has flown on many airplanes, this was such a fun read. I loved learning about the golden years of flying and how the experience has changed for airline crews and passengers since deregulation. Hood is a wonderful storyteller, although pieces of this book were a bit repetitive. If you miss travel, pick this one up.

Heartfelt and genuine, this book is a breath of fresh air to the weary. Hipeople’sommend.

This is definitely a beach read. I love a book about rich people's problems, and this book is that x1000. There is really no character development in this book, and you will really only enjoy this book if you are here for the drama. My favorite thing about Kwan’s writing is his snarky footnotes.


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